URBN Surf Wave Pool Trip - January 2021

URBN Surf Wave Pool Trip - January 2021

Seven hours at URBN Surf over two days.
Private sessions means we have the pool completely booked out. Surfers are able to switch back and forth between the left and right as long as numbers stay equal. We are also able to customise the settings on request.

Saturday 30th Jan


Private Point Session – 4pm (Advanced)

Private Point Session – 8pm (Intermediate)

Private Point Session – 9pm (Advanced)

Private Point Session – 10pm (Advanced)


31st Jan


Private Point Session – 6am (Advanced)

Private Point Session – 7am (Advanced)

Private Point Session – 8am (Intermediate)


The advanced sessions will be on ‘BEAST MODE’ – a heavy, slabbing Barrell. This wave is NOT suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Accommodation at Cilom Lodge- directly across the road from URBN. Rooms will be quad share. We will do our best to configure but if you are not comfortable with sharing, extra accommodation will need to be booked at your own expense.


30Jan21 // Depart Newcastle at 8.5am arrive Melbourne 10.55am
31Jan21 // Depart Melbourne at 3.35pm - arrive Newcastle at 5.05pm
Flights include one board bag per person

Travel to and from the airport and to URBN will be at your own expense (it is only a kilometre from Melbourne Airport so very inexpensive to split a cab/Uber)

We will have some time to kill before and after sessions but URBN is now fully set up with bar, restaurants etc.


NB a small refund may be paid per person dependent on flight bookings.


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